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Protect against ransomware

The quickest method to get back your mission critical files after an ransomware attack (e.g. WannaCry) is to restore from the recent backup. Therefore, after regularly backing up your data with CloudBacko to your NAS, FTP / SFTP server, or public cloud storage, no ransomeware can threaten you.

Protect your NAS devices, servers and workstations against data loss

Where are you mission critical data stored in your company? On a NAS device or file server? Also in application servers like Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, MySQL? Back them up automatically everyday with CloudBacko before any data loss diaster happens to you!


Affordable VMware and Hyper-V backups

CloudBacko is an affordable VMware / Hyper-V backup solution with enterprise-class features such as Instant VM Recovery, Live Migration, Granular Restore, etc. If you are using ESXi free version, the corresponding add-on module is even free of charge!

Granular Restore

CloudBacko's Granular Restore for VMware / Hyper-V guest VMs enables you to access and restore individual files within a backed up VM image without the need to spin-up or fully restore the VM first. It thus helps you reduce storage resources and management effort for redundant backups.

Instant VM Recovery

CloudBacko's VM Run Direct instant recovery feature allows you to keep the downtime of your mission critial VMs within minutes, as you can instantly spin-up and migrate a VM from its backup without the need to fully restore the VM first.

Live Migration

When a VM is spinned-up with VM Run Direct, you can choose to perform live migration to the original or an alternate host so that your service downtime can be kept as short as possible.

Backup your mailboxes in Office 365, as it could be down...

Same as locally hosted email server, cloud-hosted email service can also be down! If you have checked the SLA of Office 365, you should known that you'll only get compensated if their service up-time is below a certain level, but no compensation if your mission critical mails, contacts, or calendar contents were loss due to whatever reason. So, it is important to get your Office 365's mailbox data backed up to local or non-Microsoft cloud.

Simultaneously backup to NAS, FTP / SFTP, cloud

Need to keep multiple copies of backup at various local, network, and offsite locations to prevent data loss disaster from happening? CloudBacko can do it by concurrent or sequential backup of your data to multiple destinations, including Aliyun, Amazon S3, AWS compatible storages, China Telecom CTYun, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, FTP / SFTP sites, external USB drive, and local / mapped network drives.

Cloud-to-Cloud / Cloud-to-Local backup

If you have personal and corporate files stored in the public cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, etc., you can back up the data from your public storage to local storage or another cloud to prevent data loss on your primary cloud.

Secure 256-bit encryption

CloudBacko will encrypt everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key, including all the data and filenames. Your backup data is unbreakable, as even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056 years to crack such key. No one, not even NSA, is able to read your data.

Guaranteed recovery

With our backup data integrity ensuring technology, restore drill test can be frequently run to ensure the restorability of your backed up data.

Retention / versioning

You are able to define flexible versioning rules to keep the historical versions of your data. If you need to keep more recent versions and fewer over time, it can be easily achieved through the retention policy setup. Those versions can be kept forever if needed.

Continuous backup

For frequently changing data in Windows OS, you can enable the Continuous Backup feature. CloudBacko will then keep backing up your data in the background continuously.

Clear reporting

With CloudBacko's reporting tool, you can get crystal clear visibility into the backup details of all destinations, including usage trend, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors, etc.

Easy to use

CloudBacko comes with the most intuitive user interface that is so easy to use. No training will be required to get started. Whenever you need assistance, the Help button on each page provides you with the answer right away.

Support Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Got machines with different operating platforms to backup? CloudBacko can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, thus allowing you to backup all your machines with the same solution.

Backup Android and iOS devices

CloudBacko Mobile can back up user generated contents, including photo, video, contact, voice*, message*, bookmark*, and WhatsApp* to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. (* Android only)


"Recently we started using CloudBacko software which has turned out to be a powerful backup solution in which we will be now offering to all our managed customers."

Adam Maher
CEO of ITC Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.
"I chose Cloudbacko after trialling several similar programs because it was the only one that could effectively backup my large Outlook PST file by Delta block-level increments to Amazon Cloud Drive..."
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Ian McCubbin
Principal of Ian McCubbin & Associates
"Cloudbacko Pro is absolutely amazing for all my needs, I wont waste that :)"

Gregory Kneier
Managing Director of usecure GmbH
"Cloudbacko offers great backup options within our customers budget. It also protects their valuable files by auto scheduled backups against ransomware threats."

Co-founder at Esantral Corporation - Turkey
"You have a great straightforward application, I'm glad that I found it."

Sam Gorton
Information Technology Specialist of Quality Structures, Inc.
"When looking for a backup solution for a Linux server, we tried Duplicati, Veeam and a couple others. CloudBacko was the only one that worked as advertised, out of the box."

James Simmons
Keep-in-Touch Systems